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Introduction Sky 9 Terraces Murree

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect residing space and investment potential, look no further than Sky 9 Terraces located in Murree. A project on a total 1.5 Kanal area standing on a ground plus 9 floors. This project promises a unique living experience in one of the most picturesque locations in Pakistan that is Murree hills. With a mix of residential and commercial units, Sky 9 Terraces offers the best of both worlds, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make a smart real estate investment.

Diving into the floors each unit is precisely designed from studio to 2 bed bedroom apartments available in Murree on installments and for sale. An attractive feature is that all apartments are Fully furnished, this creates a hassle-free experience for the clients. With modern and stylish interiors, residents can move in without the hassle of furnishing their new home. This is a great point for clients especially overseas customers and busy professionals who don’t have much time to look out for each and every minor detail while buying a place to reside and furnishing it. Don’t worry we got you covered in these minimal prices you get a ready to move place to call home with all the luxuries embedded. The high-quality furnishings and fittings also add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the units which the residents can enjoy.


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Sky 9 Terraces Murree Location

Jhika Gali: 9 km
Murree Mall Road: 8 km
Ayubia: 25 km
Nathia Gali: 35 km
Pipeline Trail: 31 km
Mukshpuri Trail: 31 km
Miranjani Trail: 35 km
Lalazar Trail: 20 km
Abbottabad: 70 km
Muzaffarabad: 50 km


Sky 9 Terraces Murree NOC

NOC Approved By Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA)

Sky 9 Terraces Murree NOC

NOC Approved By Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA)
Sky 9 Terraces NOC


From an investment point of view, Sky 9 Terraces ticks all the boxes. The well-planned location in Murree, known for its scenic beauty and tourist attractions, makes it a highly desirable place for both residents and tourists. Buyers can expect potential benefits and return on their investment in the future. Murree is a location perfect for business as it is a tourism hub seasonally also generally for people who come to visit to see beauty of Pakistan. Not much developed places or structures are present in Murree this would mark as a success in that small city this not only increases the worth of Pakistani tourism as more people would be inclined to visit due the exceptional services which would eventually benefits the homeowners and business professionals who invested.

Sky 9 Terraces Murree Payment Plan


One of the standing out features of SKY 9 Terraces is its indoor parking facility. Residents can rest assure that their vehicle is safe and has a dedicated space to park. This is a major issue in Murree as the only drawback it faces is the parking issues and bot proper parking areas which creates a chaos. But we got you covered and you can rest tension free.


  •  Another aspect of Sky 9 Terraces is its focus on security.
  • 24\7 Electricity backup available
  •  Passenger elevator facility
  •  Reception and sitting area

Just 52 Km
From Islamabad

Located at
Murre Expressway

Round The Clock
Electricity Backup

Round The Clock
Security and Surveillance

Fully Furnished

Exclusive Indoor Parking

Passanger Lift


Documents Required

Required documents for processing.

Copy Of CNIC

Copy Of CNIC Next to Kin

2 Passport Size Pics

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